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EF600/4L II and X-T3 Face/Eye Tracking AF Demo (Fringer EF-FX new firmware to be released)

Recently I rented a EF600/4L II and had it optimized. To my surprise it works incredibly well on X-T3 when doing AF-C tracking.

I set X-T3 to AF-C mode, CH (11 fps) and Face/Eye detection on. The focusing object is a person riding a electric motorcycle moving fast towards the camera.

30 pictures were taken in less than 3 seconds. The focus areas were cropped at 100% scale and combined to the following picture. (Click here to see in original size.)

I also tested video mode Face/Eye tracking. Thanks to the great improvements of PDAF performance and coverage of X-Trans IV CMOS, both still and video mode works very well.

Combined with the video clip recorded from the HDMI output while doing continuous shooting testing, I made a demo video.

The support for EF600/4L II would be added into the next version (V2.50) of Fringer EF-FX (Pro) adapters' firmware which is to be released soon.


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