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Fringer EF-FX Pro released!

We are proud to announce the release of Fringer EF - X mount smart adapters. There are two version, i.e. Pro version and none pro (standard version). Currently only the Pro verion is avaliable on Fringer's official website for $299 (plus $25 international expedited shipping). Please be noted that only very limited quantity is available now and it may sell out soon.

Fringer EF-FX Pro has built-in electronic aperture ring. You may set aperture value through the aperture ring just like the fujifilm XF lenses. Meanwhile, both bayonets of the Pro version are made of brass.

The standard version doesn't have aperture ring. You need to set aperture value through the camera body. And its camera side bayonet is made of alloy. The price of the standard version is TBD.

Unlike the smart adapters for GFX50s, the key of the high performance AF on X mount is phase detection focus points' support. So far we tested and optimized more than 40 EF mount lenses (see this list) to support all the PDAF focus points on X mount mirrorless (X-Trans II and III CMOS only). When using these lenses, PDAF will be activated. That means faster and more accurate AF. For lenses not on that list, most of them can work under CDAF mode. AF may be slower and error prone. And AF-C may not be usable. For a few lenses not on that list, especially some Tamron lenses, there may be compatible issues preventing them from working on the adapter. If you encountered that problem, please wait for firmware updates for better lens compatibility. The list of tested and optimized lenses would keep expanding in the future through firmware updates.

As you can see in the demo video, some lenses perform very well on X-T2. However, please understand that AF performance may vary under different light conditions and for different lenses. Please don't expect the adapted lenses work like native XF ones. And even lenses on that optimzed lens list may encounter slowe focus speed, focus shifting and other problems under certain conditions. That's inevitable when adapting SLR lenses on a mirrorless. Thank you for your understanding.

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