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Smart adapter for GFX50s

Prototype is ready for demo

Added 2017/4/29, Contax645 80/2 AF demo

Sample photo taken by 80/2

100% crop


Original blog post on 4/22

After huge amount of efforts, Contax 645 - GFX smart adapter prototype is finally ready for demo.

The prototype

Please ignore the white cable for debug purpose.

(Arca quick release compatible) tripod mount included.

The demo

Please be noted that it is just a prototype and may not be the final state of the product.

Camera and lenses for demo

The demo video

Additional information

GFX50s doesn't support PDAF while Contax 645 lenses are designed for PDAF. Thus, it is extremely difficult to let those lenses AF fast and accurately on GFX50s. Two weeks ago I thought 140/2.8 would never AF properly on GFX50s. But finally I made it work just like the 45/2.8 and 35/3.5 do. However, their AF performance will never be comparable to native G mount lenses. I have to emphasize AF is an experimental function of the adapter, on current stage at least. Don't expect them perform like on a SLR. If AF performance can't satisfy you, MF is always available. In the future, maybe a GFX body with PDAF support will come out and finally save us.   

So far I only have one prototype in hand. In a month or so there will be a small batch of products ready for beta tests. Thus, don't ask me where to buy it now.

Test shots

Following test shots were all taken by myself with AF on.

Contax 645 35/3.5 @F3.5

Contax 645 45/2.8 @F2.8

Contax 645 140/2.8 @F5.6

I also tried to capture flying birds but no lucky. The AF speed is far slower than needed. This one is my closest shot. (140/2.8 @F2.8)

Install with GFX50s and different Contax 645 lenses.

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