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A great camera for smart adapters!

Got my GFX50s and GF63/2.8 lens on Feb. 27. It's been such a long time waiting!

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After some preliminary inspections, I tried to understand GFX mount's pinouts, electronic characteristics and communication protocol. Following are my first discoveries and conclusion.

1. It looks that Fujifilm are very ambitious. GFX mount is obviously designed for working with electronic adapters for different auto lenses. Don't ask me why. I'll not expose the details.

2. As expected, GFX share a lot of design with XF mount. Base on my previous experiences on XF mount, I don't think there will be any technical difficulties that prevent a smart adapter from working on GFX mount.

3. The bad news is that GFX50s doesn't support PDAF. During each AF process, it always go back and forth at least once before locating the focus point. That implies that adapted lenses would not have a good AF performance according to my previous experiences on Sony E mounts' smart adaptation.

4. Contax 645 lenses are very good candidates that may work full automatically on GFX50s. Now I have finished the first version of C645-GFX auto adapter's design. There would be a fully functional prototype in 1 or 2 months if everything going OK during the development.

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Thank you!