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New firmware for Fringer C645-GFX smart adapter

V2.3 firmware is avaliable now. It disables in-camera lens correction which let to severe distortion when connecting Contax 645 lenses to GFX50s using Fringer smart adapter.

Please download the firmware v2.3 and upgrade your adapter according to the steps in user manual (section 6). Or you can order a new Fringer Contax645-GFX smart adapter with the new firmware.

Fringer C645-GFX smart adapter is the world's first smart adapter for Fujifilm mirrorless and medium frame cameras. Now it become world's first again. As you know, Fujifilm lenses largely depend on software corrections. Whatever the file format you use, i.e. JPG or RAW, you cannot switch it off. Even in the view finder you can only see the after-correction results. Since currently all the smart adapters in the market are impersonating a G mount lens, the in camera lens correction severely disturbed the adapted lenses' output.

Now, we totally solved the problem and integrated the solution in the firmware ver2.3. After upgrading your adapter, the Fujifilm's lens correction would be disabled in the view finder and the JPG or RAW files the camera produces.

See the following sample images taken with Contax 645 140/2.8 and GFX50s.

The image taken with Fringer adapter v2.21 firmware.

The image taken with Fringer adapter v2.3 firmware.

Direct comparison of left bottom corner. (up: before upgrade, down: after upgrade)

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