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Fujifilm X mount, I'm back!

EF50/1.8 + Fujifilm XE2 AF demo

It's a demo of the EF-X smart adapter prototype. The prototype was designed and made about 7 months ago. After that I've been heavily occupied by the development, improvement and manufacturing of Contax 645 - GFX smart adapters. Finally, I've got time to continue the development project of EF-X now. 

Like the world's first smart adapter prototype for X mount (Contax N - Fujifilm X I made last year), thanks for the PDAF, EF lens AF on X cameras very fast and accurate. Watch the demo video.

The sample photo taken during the demo:

In addition to the AF, other auto functions like electronic aperture control and EXIF recording are all working now.

Although the prototype is working now, the time to market is still unkown. There would be a lot of work waiting ahead.

Thank you!

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