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New firmware (v2.1) is available for C645-GFX smart adapter

With the new firmware (v2.1), 55/3.5 and 210/4 have been added to the AF list. As I said earlier, I changed my mind and decided to open AF functions for all Contax 645 lenses on GFX. The last 2, i.e. 45-90 and 350/4, would also be added to AF list in the near future. Please visit to download the new firmware, the release notes and the new manual. Follow the described steps in the manual to upgrade your adapter.

Fringer Contax 645 - GFX adapter is world's first (and so far the only in the market) smart adapter for Fujifilm mirrorless cameras. And Fringer has been working on electronically adapting Contax auto lenses to modern mirrorless cameras for years. You may visit Fringer's official website to get further information or place orders on those adapters.

I was conservative on AF performance of adapted Contax 645 lenses on CDAF bodies like GFX. However, more and more in field tests made me believe that the AF performance actually is quite good in most cases. And one more option for users should always be better. That's why I changed my mind. But please don't be too optimistic. The AF performance is still lower than GF lenses on GFX or C645 lenses on C645 body due to the limitations of the old lens design. Thus, if you find it doesn't satisfy you, please change to MF. All C645 lens can work under MF mode. And their super fine MF rings are way better than GF lenses'.

AF demo video of 210/4 and 55/3.5:

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