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Last 2 Contax645 lenses added to the AF list of Fringer C645-gfx adapter

New firmware (v2.21) is available for Fringer C645-GFX smart adapter

As I promised about a month ago, the new firmware supports all Contax 645 lenses' AF on GFX50s is ready for download. Compare to firmware v2.1, 45-90/4.5 and 350/4 has been added to the AF list. Fringer C645-GFX adapter users, please visit to download new firmware, i.e. version 2.21, and upgrade your adapter according to the steps described in user's manual. Or you can order a new adapter installed with the new firmware from .

Due to the design of the old lenses, their AF performance on GFX50s has limitations. Don't expect them perform like native G lenses on GFX50s or C645 lenses on C645 camera body. That would not be changed until new G mount camera introduces PDAF. Let's pray that Sony would hand over medium frame CMOS equipped with latest technology sooner.

AF demo video

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